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Located just a short 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast is perfect for that short getaway from the hectic pace of life in the big city. Planning your next vacation? Explore the wide variety of accommodations the coast has to offer- from luxury cabins to cozy cottages by the oceanfront. From romantic two day getaways to spa retreats and adventure holidays for the family, we have something for everyone. Check availability for the location of your choice and book a remarkable holiday.

The beautiful Sunshine Coast receives approximately 2,400 hours of sunlight annually making it drier and sunnier than other destinations along the west coast of British Columbia. It also offers a wide variety of activities and things to do from scuba diving to sea kayaking, boat charters, hiking and mountain biking. Enjoy your day viewing some of the most breathtaking and spectacular scenery to be found anywhere.

Home to some of the finest artists in British Columbia, check out the many original galleries and small roadside studios as you explore the coastline. Don't be limited by the seasons- winter on the West Coast combines the best of both worlds! The excitement of snow at higher elevations and the knowledge that at the end of the day you return to snow-free beaches and roads.

From Gibson's to Roberts Creek, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Pender Harbor and Egmont- we offer some of the finest cottages on the Sunshine Coast.



Finest Cottages of the Sunshine Coast : Luxury Cabin and Cottage Rentals on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada
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